At Park View we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes experiential learning and a thirst for knowledge. We provide an environment which allows students to take risks and develop the resilience and tolerance required to lead successful lives in modern democratic Britain.

At Park View we believe the curriculum encompasses all aspects of school life and is best done though a cross curricular approach. Many students that arrive at Park View School have failed in a variety of prior educational placements. They have a negative image of education and as a consequence many have low self-esteem.

Our first priority at Park View School is to provide a safe, secure school with consistent therapeutic boundaries and additional support to engage young people and build positive relationships which in turn enables the students to succeed. We work closely with external agencies such as educational psychologists, adolescent mental health teams and occupational therapists to ensure needs are met and we are fully inclusive of all our students.

Some students not only access time tabled lessons but also have opportunities to access placements and can at times be offered tailored programmes of study. We have high expectations for all students and offer a broad inclusive curriculum that caters for the varying needs and interests of our students.

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3, (years 7 – 9), is an important transition period between a student’s primary years and their move into secondary education. Park View offers a flexible and well balanced curriculum that fulfils National Curriculum requirements. Alongside the core subjects of numeracy, literacy, science and ICT we deliver a personalised and comprehensive PHSE programme which enriches SMSC and encompasses an RE study programme promoting fundamental British values.

DT, food technology, work skills and humanities are also delivered in a way that provides cross curricular learning experiences. As part of the PE curriculum students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of outdoor education activities including, kayaking, surfing, climbing and mountain biking. These activities encourage the development of social skills, team building and self-confidence. At Key Stage 3 we also have a dedicated Nurture group which offers higher than average levels of support (1:2) for students with additional need who may require individualised programmes of study.

This group of students are taught by a key teacher in a thematic way with a focus on social skills and emotional resilience. The primary aim for this group is to build trusting relationships and boost self-esteem in order to prepare students for the move into a more traditional Key Stage 3 time table.

Key Stage 4

Key stage 4, (years 10 – 11), lays the foundation steps on the route into further education, training or career. Park View School offers a diverse, flexible curriculum catering for all levels of ability which includes 5 GCSE subjects; maths, English, science, DT and PE and a range of externally accredited qualifications from a variety of exam boards.

Alongside the GCSE subjects on offer students are also offered ICT, RE, PHSE and work skills. Our curriculum continues to evolve and develop; we aim to adapt in line with new educational initiatives and equip our students with the skills and qualifications required for future life and employment opportunities.
Some students have significant barriers to school and therefore require a more complex alternative programme of study.

We cater for these students by providing 1:1 staff support who may educate students at school, home or community setting. This positive re-engagement programme (PRP) has a successful track record of ensuring students gain at least Functional Skills maths and English. Many study towards and sit GCSE exams; in 2015 one student gained maths, English and science GCSE!
To find out more about the curriculum and courses on offer please contact E.Price (Lead Practitioner) at Park View School.