Aims & Priorities


To increase school attendance to 90% and reduce persistent absence rates to 10%.

PVS Fridays

To continue to use this tool as an incentive to students to attend school every day.


To target absence with a home visit within 2 days


To develop a more coherent and consistent approach, as well as improved ownership and accountability, to the ‘improving attendance agenda’.

Parental Engagement

To improve communication regarding attendance with parents and families using the Daily Diary as a positive tool.


Are key to raising Attendance investigating why the student is not attending and building up “positive relationships”


To refine the data analysis to more effectively measure the impact of strategies to improve attendance.


Top Priority

Raising whole school attendance to over 90%

What we expect

90% of Students to raise attendance from pre PVS

What we will do

First day phone call – Home visit – Meeting with parents & Carers – additional support with transport and in class – Multi agency meetings (EIP-Pathways)

Story so far

PVS has some of the most hardest to reach young children across the Authority and beyond. 3 of these young people over the Autumn and Spring term account for a 1% difference in the attendance alone. The illness period that swept through the school (staff and students) has had a very detrimental effect on our target figure of 91% for the year. It has had a 4% effect on our figures for one half term alone.

We have larger % of students attending PVS this term with greater need. Banding for two students has already been increased. Cohort attendance for Y7 & 8, LAC, year 9, and 10 remains to be outstanding.

77% of students have a whole school individual attendance that is good or better (an 8% increase compared to Autumn Term). This rises to 88% without our EIP and Pathways cohort. Students who have a PA figure (i.e.) an attendance below 85% -13/44 (29%) Spring Term.  This is a 1% decrease compared to Autumn Term. This reduces to only 4 children (12%) without our EIP and Pathways cohort.